Sonic Mmabolela 2017

5th Annual Workshop/Residency for sound artists & composers at Mmabolela Reserve, Limpopo, South Africa 16-29 November 2017

‘Sonic Mmabolela’ is a 2-week residency for sound artists and composers with previous experience in the area of sound experimentation and sound recordings at Mmabolela Reserve, in the Limpopo province of South Africa, right at the border with Botswana. The residency is led by sound artists Francisco Lopez and Barbara Ellison.

Over the two weeks at Mmabolela we discussed the theory behind environmental recordings and sound art with a special focus on creative approaches to the work with environmental sound recordings, as well as the role of listening, through an extensive exploration of natural sound environments.

The residency also involved various field trips across Mmabolela (both diurnal and nocturnal) where we had extensive listening sessions, recording sessions and outdoor ‘concerts’. We also had studio sessions where we listened to and developed materials, presentations of our own work to the other artists and finally, developed, realized and presented a sound piece with original sound materials gathered throughout the residency:

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