CAMP 2018



Aulus-Les-Bains, Fr

For this  residency we were working directly with physical spaces and used CAMP’s remarkable location to consider ways of structuring and thinking about music, and various ways of producing. Working with site-specificity in both physical and cultural spaces, Eli took music as a launching point for work of any form or medium. A focus on nature and environments was encouraged, as well as the way these interact with culture and technology.



My creative output for this residency was a site-specific multichannel installation, using multi-media and a live hydrophone feed.

Sounds were recorded in one location along the river and the recording session was using both hydrophones and DPA 4060’s. I took these sounds into the studio and

a) created a stereo composition using underwater recordings to be played in the installation space

b) played the over water recordings through a surface transducer into the water vessel. The hydrophone was picking up these vibrations and sending this to a mono speaker.

This created a sort of ‘inverse’ sonic reality where the recordings were played upside-down to that of the original site. I created two videos of the recording location as an attempt to bring the external elements into the installation space and to contextualise it further I used water from the river that was transported over to the installation space.

When thinking about the audience’s experience of the installation, I decided to place the objects so that they create a path through the space, leading to the central water vessel so that the vibrations could be heard more clearly the closer you got to it.

09140 Aulus-Les-Bains from Nikki Sheth on Vimeo.


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