Sonic Arts Summer Academy 2018

From the 10th to 15th July I attended the 11th Sonic Arts Summer Academy in Corfu at The Ionian University.

During this time we had daily workshops including:
– Creative Recording (Sound Field Recording, Ambisonics).
– Editing and Mixing Techniques in electroacoustic music.
– Electroacoustic Multi Channel Composition (up to 8 channels).
– Implementations of Ambisonic spatialization Methodologies in EA Composition.
– Short introduction in Max.
– Advanced techniques for composition and improvisation.
– Sound Diffusion Seminar
– Workshop on Interaction with Kinect and Leap Motion

Instructors: Theodoros Lotis (coordination), Peter Batchelor, Maximos Kaliakatsos, Fanis Maragkos, Konstantinos Tsioutas, Dimitris Savva, Philppos Theoharides.

The creative output for this course included a soundscape composition recorded and composed using ambisonic recordings and techniques. I also developed my skills in Max using a Granulator patch and some material from this was used in the final composition.

For the Main Project in The People’s Garden, I assisted with an interactive projection installation made by New Media Artist John Lucy.


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